About Us

Mileage Logbook is a product of Hus Software trading name of Hus Software Development and Consulting Limited registered in England and Wales with Company Number 10375802 and VAT Registration 290956368.

Hus Software was founded in Manchester, United Kingdom in 2016. In 2019, we launched Mileage Logbook, a revolutionary app designed to eliminate the burden of manually tracking mileage logs for drivers. Building on Hus Software's commitment to excellence, our team is proud to have developed an app that simplifies the process of business mileage tax deduction like never before. Thanks to a combination of market research, user feedback, and our own dedication to innovation, Mileage Logbook has become one of the top-rated mileage tracking apps on the Apple Store. We will continue to add new features and improve the app to make mileage tracking as effortless and efficient as possible for drivers everywhere.

We conducted extensive market research to identify the pain points of drivers and business owners when it comes to tracking mileage. We also listened closely to user feedback and incorporated it into the development of the app. The result is an intuitive and user-friendly tool that has become one of the top-rated mileage tracking apps on the Apple Store.

At Mileage Logbook, we're committed to continuous improvement. We're always looking for ways to enhance the app and add new features to make mileage tracking even more effortless and efficient for our users. We welcome feedback and questions from our users, and strive to provide exceptional customer service to ensure that every driver using Mileage Logbook has a positive experience.

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